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Art by Evan


Order of Tales ending promo 1

Order of Tales ending promo 2

Rice Boy vs. Chicago

Rice Boy vs. Portland

The Cartographer

T-O-E on the cliff


Map of Overside

The Machine Men and Dolly

Red Mountains promo

Rice Boy enamored


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Art by Others

Vattu and the War-Man by Yuko Ota.

Vattu by Alexandra Douglass.

The Wing of Shira by Ben Fleuter.

The Two Searchers by Thomas Whitney.

River and Grass by Kate Burck.

Overside Rodeo by L. Nichols.

Koark and Bottle Woman by Lin Visel.

Rice Boy and Rosemary by Liz Baillie.

Bottle Woman by Dylan Meconis.

Arctaur by Der-shing Helmer.

The One Electronic by Yuko Ota.

Rice Man by KC Green.

Gerund and Rice Boy by Erika Moen.

Comics and Worldbuilding

This is a series of recordings of panel discussions I've led at comic conventions.

Stumptown Comics Fest 2011, featuring Larry Marder, Barry Deutsch, Kel McDonald, Carla Speed McNeil, and Jenn Manley Lee.

Webcomics Weekend 2010, featuring Aaron Diaz, Spike Trotman, Liz Baillie, and Ben Riley.

SPX 2010, featuring Aaron Diaz, Spike Trotman, Liz Baillie, and Carla Speed McNeil.

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