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February 17 2019

I’m solidifying plans for the next few months of comic conventions and things; here’s some updates for you if you’re interested in that!

Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle is March 14-17; I’ll be tabling as usual with the Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales booth near the skybridge. And I’m on a panel about Iron Circus Comics on Thursday at 5:30!

MoCCA Fest is in Manhattan April 6 and 7; missed last year and I’m excited to be back at this one with some new stuff.

TCAF in Toronto on May 11-12 is the official debut of Island Book; it’s out in bookstores on the 14th. Going to bring a ton of new stuff to this show I love it!!

And right after that is VanCAF in Vancouver, May 18-19.

Much traveling!! I have a lot of new stuff coming out this year and want to get to a bunch of shows. In the meantime, working with printers for the new third book of Vattu, getting a book of black-and-white short comics printed, and chipping away at a book about hell...

I am out of town for this next week, and Vattu should resume on the 26th or so!


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