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February 23 2018

Hello friends! We're almost to page 900 of Vattu today. I've had to update a little less frequently lately, as I'm closing in on my actual final deadline for all of Island Book, the graphic novel I'm making for First Second Books that should be out in early 2019. Thanks for your patience; I don't normally juggle big huge projects at such length but having this be my career means I am always working too much. Back to more frequent Vattu pages in mid-March, I think!

Very excited to be going to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle next week! I'm at table 208, with Kel McDonald, Joe Pimienta, Sloane Leong, Kory Bing, and Meredith McLaren. With a ton of books and prints and things. If you're around I hope you'll come say hello.

One more Big Development-- A new edition of Rice Boy was just published by Iron Circus Comics, a publisher dear to my heart and run by my friend Spike, one of the people in comics who I've known the very longest. This is the first major book I've had published by someone who isn't just me, and it'll be the first time anything I've made will show up in actual bookstores. Twelve years I've been doing this, and I've never seen a book of mine in a bookstore. (The self-published edition will still be available at Topatoco for the near future)

Thank you for reading~~~~~!!!!!!!


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