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About is the home to comics I make set in a world called Overside. Beginning in 2006, I've been creating and publishing long-format fantasy adventure comics. There are currently over one thousand pages of material on this site, which you can read for free.

All of the stories here are meant to be self contained, though they build upon each other. Rice Boy was made first, and Order of Tales was completed in 2010. Vattu was started in July 2010. There are some Short stories from Overside too. You can follow along with updates via Facebook, Tumblr, or RSS.

My name is Evan Dahm; I make these comics. I live in Brooklyn, NY, with my lovely wife and lovely small dog, and I'm a graduate of Appalachian State University in North Carolina. I'm a co-founder of the art book publishing company Benign Kingdom, and I've done work for BOOM! and Paradox Space and some other folks in addition to self-publishing a ton of my own work. I can be contacted at riceboyart(at) My personal art blog is Evan Dahm Dot Com. I'm on Twitter and DeviantArt and Instagram.

Other Projects

Baum by Dahm (2013-2014). A densely-illustrated edition of the complete text of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900. I covered the entire process on the tumblr, producing almost 100 illustrations for the book. The full illustrated text will be available in print in Spring 2015.

The Exquisite Beast (2012). With Yuko Ota. A collaborative project where both artists guided the strange evolutionary development for an invented creature. Ink-wash drawings. The art was serialized on the tumblr, and a book was produced by Benign Kingdom in regular and deluxe editions.

Lacunae (2013). A series of ink drawings of invented islands, made as an exercise in crosshatching and escapism. Currently only available as a pdf on Gumroad.

Aftermath (2012). A series of ink-wash drawings from after an apocalypse. Originally printed as handmade book. Currently only available as a pdf on Gumroad.

All contents copyright 2006-2016 Evan Dahm. Some rights reserved.