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Hi my name is Evan Dahm; since 2006 I've been making long-format fantasy adventure comics and publishing them online here. The three major works on this site are set in the same world, but can be read in any order. Vattu is currently ongoing, and will be four books long when it's done. You can follow along with updates via Facebook, Tumblr, or RSS. Books and things I've made are available online at Topatoco, and Rice Boy is now published by Iron Circus Comics!

Island Book is a middle-grade fantasy graphic novel being published in May 2019 by First Second Books.

I live in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm from North Carolina. I can be contacted at riceboyart(at) I'm on twitter, tumblr, patreon, gumroad, etc.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

Other Projects

The Harrowing of Hell. I'm making a deconstructive graphic-novel adaptation of the Harrowing of Hell, to be published by Iron Circus Comics probably in 2019.

Moby-Dick illustrated (2015-2017). I illustrated and designed a hardcover edition of Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. Process was posted on tumblr, and the book will be available for sale in Summer 2017.

The Wizard of Oz illustrated (2013-2014). A densely-illustrated edition of the complete text of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900. I covered the entire process on the tumblr, and the full illustrated book is available in print and as an e-book.

Rice Boy Rerun Blog (2015-present). I'm serializing every page of Rice Boy on tumblr, with tons of commentary and development sketches and all sorts of things. Updates several times a week.

Lacunae & Aftermath (2012-2013). Two series of ink drawings of quiet fantastical places. Available in print and as e-books on Gumroad.

The Exquisite Beast (2012). With Yuko Ota. A collaborative project where both artists guided the strange evolutionary development for an invented creature. Ink-wash drawings. The art was serialized on the tumblr, and a book was produced by Benign Kingdom in regular and deluxe editions.

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