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September 8 2014 - Book 3 starts in one week!

Vattu will resume on Monday, September 15! Thank you everyone for your patience; this one's a tricky one and I've gotten a lot of writing done in the break. I've also made MUCH PROGRESS on the Oz project. There will be a book SOON; I'll have some more to say about that shortly. And I've started a PATREON, for any readers who would like to pledge a dollar or two a month for me to keep chipping away at all of the various work I'm putting online. It's already going quite well and I'm super grateful! Thank you for reading and having a look at that!

SPX in Bethesda, MD, is the next convention I'll be at: this weekend, September 13 and 14. This is one of my favorite conventions, full of work I love and don't see at enough other shows, AND it's doubled in size pretty recently. I hope you can make it, if you're in the area! Vattu was also nominated this year for an Ignatz Award, which means a lot to me. Very excited!!!

Thanks everyone for bearing with me during the break. The SECOND HALF OF VATTU starts in a week. Tell your friends and countrymen.

August 8 2014 - Vattu Book 2 is FINISHED!

The second book of Vattu is DONE with page 572!!! By my current estimate, there will be four books in total, so we're around halfway done right now. This thing is huge and it boggles my mind to think too hard about. Thank you SO MUCH for reading.

A few things are happening in correlation to this milestone: I've released a new PDF of a bunch of development sketches from Vattu, produced over the past five years and culled from about 1000 pages of notes I've made since starting to think about this project. You can buy it here. I am also in the process of fixing the color on the pages of Vattu as they appear online (that is, updating the color of the web pages to how they appear in the book, and making some adjustments in book 2 as well). These updates should be on the site by MONDAY!

I'll be taking a break from updates for about a month, now that Book 2 is done. This time will be spent (1) tightening up some structural writing for Book 3, which is already looking to be more dense and complicated than anything thus far, (2) working on the Wizard of Oz project, and hopefully finishing it!, and (3) fixing up the website a bit! Thank you for understanding that I need this break, and that the next part of Vattu will be better for it!

Also updated the about page with some upcoming convention info, in Portland and Cambridge and the DC area. See you soon!

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