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June 25 2014 - PDFs!

Just put up Rice Boy and the first book of Vattu on Gumroad as handy PDFs! Finally! They're the same as the books in print, with extra material and maps and stuff.

Back to three pages a week for Vattu, mostly! We don't have many pages left in book 2, and I intend to fix the colors and up all the resolution of all the pages online before it finishes. 600 pixels is too narrow for 2014 I think!

Lately I'm working on some new stuff for Benign Kingdom, and I just finished a story for Paradox Space! And SDCC approaches.....

May 19 2014 - Art books, miscellany

I've been trying out this Gumroad thing to some success; the latest and biggest thing I've put up is an almost 100-page book of miscellaneous Overside work I've made over the past eight (!) years, with a bunch of commentary. It is only five dollars and you might like it! Also the Goblin Week Zine is available there in PDF form; the print version is in production; had to be delayed because I have had No Money.

Other news. Still updating Vattu only two times a week, but I think I'll be able to get back to a three-a-week schedule soon. Working on some other stuff right now that is POSSIBLY VERY EXCITING but that I CAN'T TALK ABOUT YET. Going as steady as I can with the Oz project too, and about halfway done. And my next convention is SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON in July. Thank you for reading see u later!

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