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March 23 2015 - Going to Seattle!

Coming up this weekend is Emerald City Comic-Con in downtown Seattle! It's a really great show with a surprisingly large independent-creator presence, so I hope you can make it if you're in the area! I'm at table 310, right near the Topatoco skybridge.

I'm also on TWO PANELS for the first time in a while! The first is 'Worldbuilding in Comics' with Greg Rucka and Carla Speed McNeil, at 2:30 on Friday. The second is 'Exploring the Human Condition with Robots and Monsters' with Blue Delliquanti, Kory Bing, Sfé Monster, and Diana Nock, at 2:50 on Sunday. See you soon Seattle!

March 2 2015 - Convention season starting up

I'm flying to Austin, Texas this weekend for Staple! It's my first convention of the year and my first Staple ever! I'll be debuting an art book of my illustration series Aftermath and Lacunae, and a new print of The One Electronic. Both of those things will be available at other conventions and online soon, too.

Starting a new book illustration project in earnest in the next few weeks. And Wizard of Oz books are on their way to Topatoco! Ok cool!!

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