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May 14 2015 - Brief hiatus, Rice Boy Reruns...

Two pages today, before I go off the grid for a week with my family! I'll be back on Monday the 25th, with more Vattu and the launch of the Rice Boy Rerun Blog!

In the very near future, a certain Kickstarter I'm involved in will be launching, and I'll be attending CAKE in Chicago, and Heroes Con in Charlotte. See you soon!

May 8 2015 - TCAF!

hey I'm gonna at TCAF at table 283 in downtown Toronto this weekend! It's probably my favorite convention, it’s FREE to attend, and this one's gonna be a big one for me:

The WIZARD OF OZ ILLUSTRATED is debuting at TCAF! And I'll have a small limited-edition print available to go along with it. (Kickstarter books have started shipping this week)

A Benign Kingdom anthology zine will be there, too, that I helped put together. There are 13 artists in it and it turned out real well.

Vattu updates will be weird/infrequent for the next 2 weeks; travel and a lot of other things going on. Thank you for your patience!

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