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August 21 2015 - Fall Conventions

Hey check it out we're coming up on FALL CONVENTION TIMES. This year I'll be at SPX in Maryland, the brand new Topatocon in Easthampton, MA, and MICE in Boston. I'll be doing a talk about worldbuilding/writing/comics on Saturday at Topatocon that I'm very excited about; you should come if you can!

The Oz books and TONS OF NEW PRINTS are available at my Topatoco store; I haven't had prints available online in quite a while and I'm excited to work with the Topato folks on them (We're in the process of tranferring all of my merchandise- and book-fulfillment over to Topatoco).

Midway through a little website-fixup, with an effort to make clearer all of the different things I'm working on. It's an ongoing project...


Other Stuff Evan is Doing

Rice Boy Rerun Blog. Rice Boy (2006-08) is being serialized with new commentary and art. Updates five times a week.

Moby-Dick Illustrated. One illustration a week or so, to be eventually self-published in an edition with the original text.

Baum by Dahm. A densely-illustrated edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, available in print.

Benign Kingdom. Art books by independent artists; classing up the joint.

Art Blog. Everything else.

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