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June 3 2015 - Working on a lot of things

Vattu's back and on a three page/week schedule again, finally. Thank you for your patience!! I'm also working on the Rice Boy Rerun Blog, and Moby Dick Illustrated apace. I also have a 20-page science fiction story in NEW WORLD, and anthology currently on Kickstarter that is going to be really fascinating and strange and beautiful.

My next two conventions are ones I'm returning to after several years! I'm at CAKE in Chicago this weekend! And on June 19-21 I'm at Heroes Con in Charlotte! If you're around, I hope to see you!

May 14 2015 - Brief hiatus, Rice Boy Reruns...

Two pages today, before I go off the grid for a week with my family! I'll be back on Monday the 25th, with more Vattu and the launch of the Rice Boy Rerun Blog!

In the very near future, a certain Kickstarter I'm involved in will be launching, and I'll be attending CAKE in Chicago, and Heroes Con in Charlotte. See you soon!

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