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March 14 2014 - The New Rice Boy Book!

A new edition of the Rice Boy book is now available-- technically the fourth edition! I redesigned the cover and some interior design elements for the first time since the first tiny print-on-demand edition from 2008, and it's a pretty good-looking book. The first few hundred orders of it will come with three nice screenprinted stickers.

Lot of stuff going on: Emerald City Comic Con is in just two weeks in Seattle! The first convention of 2014 for me! I'll have a ton of books and some of these little projects in print, finally. The Goblin Week Zine is in production and should be out the door soon, updates here. And the Vattu books from the Kickstarter are almost all out; an enormous underestimation of shipping costs will probably call for me to make them available online before the preorders are done, unfortunately. Kickstarters are difficult.

Very excited about where we're at in Vattu right now. Book 2 (in print to be called The Sword & the Sacrament) is heading towards a conclusion. Thank you so much for reading.

January 20 2014 - GOBLIN WEEK

The time has come again for Goblin Week, and there is already a ton of great submissions being updated regularly on the tumblr. THIS YEAR, I am putting together the GOBLIN WEEK 2014 ZINE, which can be preordered this week only RIGHT HERE. Submissions are open to everyone for any goblin-related art, words, or other printable material; details on that are available on the Goblin Week Tumblr.

Back from holiday traveling and upheaval, working on getting the Vattu books out and re-acclimating to comic work. Thank you for reading.

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