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January 7 2015 - Happy New Year!

Hi folks & welcome to the future. Vattu's still going strong and finally dealing with some Grish stuff I've been looking forward to for YEARS, and a few good exciting things are on the horizon:

The Wizard of Oz book is done and I've seen the final proofs and could not be happier. Topatoco is gonna handle all of the fulfillment, and then it'll be officially debuting at TCAF in Toronto in May, one of my very favorite conventions.

Goblin Week cometh, beginning on Sunday, January 25, and ending on Saturday, January 31. This means: everybody produces as many goblin-related creative works as possible for a week, and we all make a lot of noise about it. More details soon on that blog.

Finally, I'll be starting the Rice Boy Rerun Blog soon, pending a goal on Patreon. Thanks everyone!

November 5 2014 - One day left on the Wizard of Oz Kickstarter!

There's 24 hours left to preorder the edition of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz that I illustrated! The Kickstarter went really well; thank you everybody!

I'm getting into planning mode for 2015 conventions, so let's talk about that. So far I'll definitely be at ECCC in Seattle, Staple! in Austin (for the first time!), and Heroes in Charlotte (for the first time in a few years!). Some other things coming together. And the Oz book will be debuting at some convention or other in Spring; I'll be sure to make a bunch of noise about that when it's locked in!

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