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July 7 2015 - SAN DIEGO COMIC CON Cometh

I'm flying to California for SDCC; the convention that sells out years before it starts, so if you're going to be there you already know. I'm at table 1334, with friends Becky & Frank and Tyler and Zach and David and Benign Kingdom (and many of B9's new zine that I put together!!). There may be some other people at our new huge block of table space, but I don't know who they are right now! If you'll be at SDCC I hope you'll come by; I have a bunch of books and more prints tahn usual...

In other IMPORTANT NEWS, the WIZARD OF OZ BOOK IS AVAILABLE TO THE WORLD AT LARGE. Keep an eye on Topatoco for future developments re: me and the things that I make. I'm very excited to finally be working with those good folks.

Vattu updates are spotty right now; probably nothing until next week. I'm working on an early phase of a SECRET THING that is pretty big and that I hope I can tell you about soon. Until the comic is back, there's a new Vattu Character Guide, Rice Boy Rerun Blog continue apace, and of course the Moby-Dick thing. Thank you for reading, everybody!!

June 3 2015 - Working on a lot of things

Vattu's back and on a three page/week schedule again, finally. Thank you for your patience!! I'm also working on the Rice Boy Rerun Blog, and Moby Dick Illustrated apace. I also have a 20-page science fiction story in NEW WORLD, and anthology currently on Kickstarter that is going to be really fascinating and strange and beautiful.

My next two conventions are ones I'm returning to after several years! I'm at CAKE in Chicago this weekend! And on June 19-21 I'm at Heroes Con in Charlotte! If you're around, I hope to see you!

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