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November 15, 2022. They said it could not be done but it has been done. Rice Hyphen Boy Dot Com is rebuilt and somewhat more handsome & functional than before. WELL MOSTLY; I still have to reformat and hook up the "short stories" in the "Extras" section, and there’s probably other stuff I missed too. But I think it all holds together pretty well and I have a better understanding of PHP than I ever have before-- that’s not saying much. It is at least a thrill to learn that CSS can make small caps.

I am getting together an awful lot of material for the 3rd Voice launch in less than one month.. I have launched a DISCORD SERVER to that effect (as well as designated social media accounts I dunno I just want to be in a good position to make noise about this thing). I am provisionally launching the 3rd VOICE LETTER COLUMN, though I have so far not answered anything there, but I am open to getting it running before the comic even launches if you’re into it. More on that in the section below this, on the homepage.

I am persistently having the feeling lately that web 2.0 is just death-spiralling in a million different ways, or it’s just generated so much money that the only way forward is for it all to collapse under its own weight. I’m trying to take more seriously that I have this simple little read-only space, and I love it, and I’ve been able to hold onto it for a long time exactly because it’s so simple and Cheap. Anyway it means a lot to me to have you here, whoever you are. I’m going to try to make this place easy and interesting, and mostly I am just very excited to get into this new comic with you on DECEMBER 12 2022. That’s all for now. sincerely evan.


Latest Letter Column

Hey Evan,

I’ve been a fan of your comics for a long time and I want to be very excited for 3rd Voice, but is it going to continue to have lots of flashy/flickery video stuff? I love the aesthetic but it’s kinda hurting my brain a little, I had to close my eyes for the trailer and I’m worried that if I look at the header images on your website for too long I might get a migraine.

Sorry for being a bummer! Kate * November 18, 2022

HmmMMM terribly sorry for discomfort; I went through a few iterations of that asterisk-header image to try to tone it down but maybe I’ll lower the frame rate a bit. EITHERWAY the gifs will only be a part of the site until the launch on 12/12. RE: the video material -- I’m going to try to tone down the flashier glitch material but I’m not sure exactly where the threshold is for everyone’s comfort. I’ll vet this stuff a little more in advance I think; maybe on the Discord which is recently taking off. thank u for input.
Evan- I think there’s just one thing we’re all dying to know. Is 3V still in the same world as all of your other comics? A "Rice Boy Comic", as it were. Or is this a new venture? Riley * November 19, 2022

Will 3rd Voice be in the world of Overside? Or is it a new world? George WL * November 19, 2022

& many other such questions. I’m inclined to be even weirder and more evasive about answering this, tho maybe I have answered it somewhere before I can’t remember. I’m in the process last coupledays of getting together the "launch material" that will answer this question so I hope you’ll forgive me waiting until then; I think it is the best answer I can manage and god forbid I am ever redundant. (About the branding question though; I dunno what "a Rice Boy Comic" is I guess; it’s the title I’ve happened to stick with for years and it’s the website. The branding utility of having strong intertextual connective tissue between all the media produced by a person or company seems very clear tho doesn’t it. Am I the first person to think of this? I’m not sure if anyone else in comics has ever thought of this.) I am in all honestly thrilled that people are interested and excited about this sort of detail; thank you.


Once I nail down some comic conventions for 2023, they’ll go right here!


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