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News - September 14 2022

Well I would be updating the comic today if it wasn’t OVER. Are you aware that Vattu just ended after twelve years? And that you can read it here (or download the whole thing right here for a few more days)? Anyway some other developments current & forthcoming:

The preorder campaign for the fourth/last book of Vattu hit goal in a little over one day, and will continue chugging along for quite a few more days. If you’re interested in buying this whole thing in print, this is a great way to do it, and also the earliest way to do it. Self-publishing a big thing like this is obviously tricky and I can’t be totally sure about what the future trajectory for Vattu in print is exactly, but it’s really something to have been able to put together these four books over such a long period of time. I have no plans to ever do an all-in-one omnibus; many people have asked me about this recently.

That wrap party stream was great; I’m gonna upload the whole thing on youtube sometime soon, why not. Included therein is the debut of the Vattu Fanzine, which is a really remarkable and enormous effort that a large number of people worked on. It’s beautiful work and it’s an honor to see it; I really can’t believe it. Please have a look, find some artists & writers that you like, download the thing if you like. I have heard there’s a print version being worked on but I dunno the details. Shortly I’ll have a download of it available here on the site "in perpetuity" if that meets with everyone’s agreement.

The SMALL PRESS EXPO in Bethesda, MD is this weekend, September 17-18. I’m tabling; I’m still getting back in the groove of comic conventions after spending a while convincing myself the world was fully over forever; it felt like I would never see SPX again and I’m looking forward. Vattu is up for an Ignatz Award. I look forward to this show extremely. I have a lot of free stuff this time. come say hi.

Look I know the thing’s done, and it’s sad(?) but it’s a relief too kind of; it’s exciting to me. I hope nobody thinks I’m going to stop doing this stuff, or that I have any plans (or frankly opportunity) to shift my work into some more lucrative & less obsessively self-directed industry or enterprise. I am feeling like I have carved out a little niche here and I have some momentum and I’m launching 3rd Voice in December. In the meantime some significant work will be done to the rice-boy.com site; make it a little bigger and denser. Anyway I don’t know what I’m doing but I got plans. Thank you folks.



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