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News - August 17 2022

Less than one month now, and just 17 pages left-- Vattu is ending on Monday, September 12, 2022. Last bit will go up here and on Webtoon on that day. 12 years 1279 pages.

ITEM! Vattu has been nominated for an IGNATZ AWARD, the big independent comics award given out at the Small Press Expo in DC every year. If you like the comic, I must humbly tell you that you can request a ballot to vote for it at any time between now and middle September, right here. Some really excellent company too. And I’ll be at SPX, too, literally under a week after finishing this big comic book.

ITEM! A collaborative Vattu Fanzine is being put together by friend Brian, who I’ve known for years and in whose capable hands I’m Thrilled to have this project. Submissions are open now for all sorts of media; I have always of course frantically loved seeing fanart & similar and im excited about this thing.

ITEM! On SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, I’ll be running an almost-after-party stream on twitch, including a rerun of my video essay "Making Vattu" from several months ago, and some talking & hanging out.

ITEM! On MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, the last pages will go up early in the day (EST), and a download of the entire comic will be made available from Topatoco, which will be free if you like. ALSO I’ll be launching with Topatoco a preorder campaign for the fourth and final print book of Vattu on that day. (Topatoco has handled getting the previous books printed and sold, if you weren’t aware).

ITEM! On THE EVENING OF MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 (EST), I’ll be running the actual after-party stream on twitch, including 1) new video-essay appendix material from the last few months of the comic, 2) Special Call-in Guests, and 3) just hanging out and question-answering for a while. SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

And then that weekend I’m at SPX in DC, the biggest indie comics thing in the country.

Talk to u soon folks


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