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May 29, 2023 OK 24th scene up today, a high rate of new peoples and places in the comic lately. What do you think of this guy?? Anyway I’m a little overloaded with 1) working on this comic at a pace which is frankly a little intense, 2) being recently just very slightly sick, and 3) going to Chicago for a comic convention this coming weekend, SO it is looking like this next week will finally be the update I really finally skip. Thank you for your patience.

That comic convention is CAKE, June 3 & 4. At the "Broadway Armory," do you know what that is? I don’t really know yet but I imagine I will figure it out by Saturday. I’ll be tabling with some handful of books.

I am tunnel-visioning so hard on this comic lately. I forgot to do a patreon livestream for May, so I’ll do two in June, why not. Details over there. Did you see the poster yet. Thank you.


Latest Letter Column

You can email me something at 3rdvoicemail@gmail.com and I will maybe get to it here.

Hello, hope all is well. I have 2 questions for you: 1) 3rd Voice is fairly different in tone from Vattu; I think you once described Vattu as cinematic and it had a very serious, straightforward atmosphere, while 3V has a bit more playfulness and camp. Was this an intentional choice, and what has the transition been like from two very different stories? 2) Where does Navichet get her tiny little shoes? Best, SR * May 29, 2023

It was feeling pretty claustrophobic to be working within such a straight-faced Fantasy mindset for so long. I think when I started Vattu I had a lot more self-consciousness about working in a pulp medium... I have interests that are a little outside of what comics have mostly been used for, and I think I understood that as a kind of at-odds-ness to the medium and its habits themselves. So nothing too flashy, dialogue all very restrained and fantasy-serious, no sound effects, etc. It is what it is and that’s how that comic works, I would not and could not change it. BUT I am thirty five years old now and I’ve been doing this stuff for a while and I’ve distanced myself from a lot of old introspective anxieties-- it feels useless and exhausting to keep that stuff up after a while. And those anxieties were keeping me from a full understanding of my medium and its history! I am fortunate to have the dramatic "clean break" of finishing Vattu to allow me to reconfigure my thinking about this stuff. BUT ANYWAY on the back end 3V is about OPENING UP SPACE for myself to work in, and that includes tonal space too. I do not know where Navichet’s shoes come from. Probably somewhere East.


CAKE in Chicago, June 3 & 4, 2023.



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