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January 30, 2023. fifty pages of 3rd Voice with today’s update. Moving pretty swiftly; figuring out how to work with slightly more developed drawing style in efficient manner; I guess 50 pages is a lot of pages to still be firmly in "expository" material but hey I’m gonna do it how I know how to do it.

I have nailed down TWO predictable comic convention appearances for myself for 2023. I am probably doing FIVE OR FEWER of them this year. On March 2-5, I’ll be in Seattle for EMERALD CITY COMIC CON. I’m on the MAIN FLOOR, not artist alley. On April 1-2, I’ll be in Manhattan New York City for the MUSEUM OF COMIC AND CARTOON ART ARTS FESTIVAL. Ok?? OK!


Latest Letter Column

You can email me something at 3rdvoicemail@gmail.com and I will maybe get to it here.

Tēnā koe e Evan, In your prior comics I have often felt alongside the characters, not necessarily privy to their inner monologues but the next best thing. In 3rd Voice however I feel like an outside observer, not always able to read the motives or moods of the main characters. I get the impression that this same disconnect happens between the main characters at times too. It’s really cool. Has anyone else mentioned this? Is this intentional? Kā mihi, Giles * January 31, 2023

Interesting; I don’t know how much I can understand this exactly but certainly I’m writing this one differently. Characters are I think somewhat more modernist and Psychological than in previous comics, where they’ve often been broad epic-poem or fairy-tale sorts of characters. Also I’m definitely playing up the sense of disorientation that can be built into secondary-world fiction; I think there is a lot of possible utility and interest to that. I don’t know really but I’m trying to take character seriously more than I have in the past and they feel more psychologically real to me than I’m used to; maybe that’s something.


ECCC in Seattle, March 2-5. Tabling at "Cautionary Fables" table on the main floor

MoCCA Fest in Manhattan, NY, April 1-2.


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