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November 29 2021

Hey folks can you believe it, I’m going to Seattle in a couple of days for Emerald City Comic Con, the first comic convention I’m tabling at since covid started. It’s December 2 thru 5, at the big convention center downtown, and I’m on the main floor with "Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales."

No idea what to expect. These things were a huge part of my routine for years and now I’ve been a weird cave person since early 2020. So I’m just treating it as a low-risk first-time convention basically; I’ll have books and things but not a huge amount of stock. If you’re at the show it would be lovely to say hello to you.

Exciting to be able to move forward with Vattu at a good clip, and it’s been great to introduce it to a new audience on Webtoon lately too. Aside from that, I’m mostly just working on "Mansion X," a new horror-ish graphic novel for Iron Circus Comics. Chugging along. Thank you for reading folks


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