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March 6, 2023 I am Happy with this scene (74-78), this whole little inflection point, though I apologize for the coarse innuendo. Exciting to have things finally In Motion, after a couple months of working on this and a lot of somewhat (intentionally) disorienting expository stuff.

that being said, however, I’m sorry to say that I really must skip an update. The next two scenes are fairly big ones and it’ll be helpful to do this. I have been moving at a good clip with this comic anyhow! Scene 14 will be up on MARCH 20th, ok? If I hear one word about how I’m doing a "hiatus" that will turn into an "unceremonious and total end to the webcomic," I will turn this car right around.

Seattle convention was fun if somewhat grueling. I’m doing MoCCA Fest in Manhattan next. Trying to get together maybe a new poster or something for it. Uhh I dunno yet. bless


Latest Letter Column

You can email me something at 3rdvoicemail@gmail.com and I will maybe get to it here.

Hello Mr. Dahm, I have to say I have just read page 78 and it may be my single favorite page of any of your projects so far. I have admired your work for many years and consider you to be one of the greatest storytellers out there right now. I appreciate you making this world a little weirder, page by page.

To give you something to talk about in the column: One of the many things I appreciate about 3rd Voice is the update schedule. One scene a week feels perfect for the pacing of the story so far, and as a reader it keeps me much more in the flow of the story rather than the classic one page a day MWF that you and many others have traditionally done. I have tended to lose the thread of the narrative and often found myself rereading the past few pages in order to keep up, so this came as a welcome change. Was this the primary motivation for that update schedule change (i.e. the reader’s experience in real time) or were there more practical concerns about workflow, etc.? Have there been any considerations, either consciously at the time or now looking in retrospect, about how the experience differs between readers in real time versus readers of the complete work some years down the line? Yours, Derek W * March 7, 2023

Thank you. I like this update schedule too a lot; I like approaching scenes as cohesive objects, penciling and inking the whole thing in passes. There are a lot of technical aspects on my end that this approach helps with, but that isn’t the main part of it really. I talked about this in the intro videos a little-- I wanted to re-approach as much as possible about how I’ve been doing this, and in particular try to make the thing easier to engage with as a live, updating thing. Just seemed like it would make it easier to post multiple places, easier for people to drop into and get a sense that something is Happening... I dunno around the latter bit of Vattu I was feeling like I had hit some sort of wall, like I had connected with an audience that was Engaged but was not particularly likely to do much Growing, and I was locked into such a Way of Doing Things after 12 years of Vattu that it felt like maybe I was closing myself off or painting myself into a corner. That is the engine behind a lot of what I’m trying to do differently but the main thing is I want to just make really the best thing I can, really pay attention to the ways in which I Wasn’t making the best thing I can in the past, and take seriously that most people will encounter it in online serialization.


ECCC in Seattle, March 2-5. Tabling at "Cautionary Fables" table on the main floor

MoCCA Fest in Manhattan, NY, April 1-2.


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