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December 21 2016

Very excited to be working on a new graphic novel for First Second!! It's called Island Book! This was just announced recently. It's been in progress behind the scenes for a while already, and it's great to be able to tell everybody about it finally. I'll have more to share about that soon! Much work to do. Vattu will continue concurrently.

Main projects for me right now are working on that, and Vattu, and getting the Moby-Dick books into production in the near future. And the Rice Boy Rerun Blog, and lining up some convention appearances for next year, and and and...

ALmost 800 pages of Vattu. Thank you everyone for reading.


Other Stuff Evan is Doing

Rice Boy Rerun Blog. Rice Boy (2006-08) is being serialized with new commentary and art. Updates five times a week.

Moby-Dick Illustrated. One illustration a week or so, to be eventually self-published in an edition with the original text.

Baum by Dahm. A densely-illustrated edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, available in print.

Benign Kingdom. Art books by independent artists; classing up the joint.

Art Blog. Everything else.

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